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RR Paraffin Solvent

RR Paraffin Solvent is a multi-component formula maximized for complete absorption of paraffins and asphaltene deposits and holding them in solution from the rock formation to the oil and gas surface production equipment. This solvent will liquefy paraffins and asphaltenes that are typically formed during the production process from an oil and gas well.

Typical applications and uses:

  • Dissolves paraffins and asphaltenes in the formation, downhole pumps, tubing, flow lines, and surface equipment resulting in increased production, sustained productivity, longer pump life, and a reduction in operational costs
  • Reducing or even eliminating hot oil treatments
  • Production enhancement
  • Reduction of BS&W in tanks
  • Chemical pigging for pipelines
  • Flowline maintenance
  • Tubing, rods, pump, and surface equipment cleanup
  • Perforation and near well bore cleanup

Physical Properties:

Product Name:RR Paraffin Solvent
Physical Form: Liquid
Specific Gravity:0.85 +/- 0.05
Solubility in Water:Insoluble

Complete information on health hazards, PPE, handling procedures, environmental hazards, and disposal is listed in the current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product.