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Eco Rock Cleaner

Eco Rock Cleaner is an economical, biodegradable, water-based, "leave on" cleaning agent you can apply to hydrocarbon affected surfaces such as rock, gravel, screenings, or concrete, and either later rinse with fresh water or allow natural rainfall to rinse. The direct release chemistries will lighten, fade, and improve the staining on impacted surfaces. Eco Rock Cleaner allows users to clean impacted surfaces rather than having to haul off impacted rock and gravel, saving time and money.

Typical applications and uses:

  • Cleaning and fading stains in rock, gravel, screenings, and concrete

Mixing procedures:

Eco Rock Cleaner is a water-based, proprietary, concentrate formula that can be used straight or, most often, diluted 50/50 prior to use. Active solutions can be formulated by premixing or eduction. Eco Rock Cleaner is 100% soluble in water. It is recommended that when preparing a solution, water is added into the mixing container first and then the proper amount of Eco Rock Cleaner is added second.

Complete information on health hazards, PPE, handling procedures, environmental hazards, and disposal is listed in the current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product.

SDS and TDS Docs

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