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Environmental Due Diligence

Rose Rock’s multidisciplinary team is well-suited to assist clients with environmental audits and due diligence reviews. The audits we perform are as unique as the clients we serve; some are small, targeted audits that seek to address a single question, area, or unit while others are large scale, open-ended reviews of an entire operation. Rose Rock tailors each audit approach to the individual client, ensuring all goals and needs are met.

In general, audit processes will include legal counsel in addition to technical personnel from the client’s operations. Rose Rock performs a thorough review that asks open-ended questions from the client and then our team will distill the responses and compare that information to data gathered during the site visit, compute emissions and usages as needed to ascertain rule applicability and compliance, and finally will thoughtfully present the audit findings in a report to the client. The report summarizes the work completed, the conclusions reached, and our recommendations with regards to any follow up action that may be necessary.

Auditing, when done well, complements and supports the ongoing environmental compliance activities of a facility. It plays an important part in overall environmental management, and Rose Rock’s experience with field and facility operations results in timely, complete, and detailed audits.

Example Project

Click the link below to view sample report from completed Rose Rock project: